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What’s Inside the GroovyBox?


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  • On/Off through the web app
  • Set light intervals
  • 100W
  • 5 Years Warranty


    • Air humidity
    • Air temperature

      Internal Fan

      • On/Off through the web app
      • Let your plant swings


      • Take a look into your box

      Intake Fan

      • On/Off through the web app
      • Flow of fresh air

      Exhaust Fan

      • On/Off through the web app
      • Get rid of inbox air

      Box Info

      Height: 125 cm, Width: 50 cm, Depth: 50 cm

      Weight: 25 kg

      What's In it For Me?

      Full Control

      Set up a manual or automatic plant growth process. Control temperature, lights, and air moisture.


      Track comprehensive dataset of growth on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly intervals.

      Growth Experts & AI

      Combining experience with new technology enables you to grow whatever you like. After inputting your preferred plant, a plan will be generated with all of the growing specifications and potential problems with them.

      Lock & Secure

      Lock the door, and don’t let anyone interrupt the development of your plant.


      Intake and intake fans will ensure that your plant is getting enough fresh air. Filters will clean the air, so your room won’t get bad odors.


      Unlike growth tents, GroovyBox has a sturdy aluminium construction that will protect your plant from any physical, outdoor factors.

      Fully Controllable via Web App


      Have a look at your plant on one single page. Instead of buying several different sensors and watching their readings, you can watch everything together in real time. Be aware of how your plant is growing and how the conditions are changing, as you wish.


      Creating an easy-to-use platform was a necessity from our side, and we wanted to give complete control to you. You can already choose existing automations or create your own.


      Powerful analytics require powerful data reading and viewing, which is why we created our easy-to-read solution where you can get all of the vital information on a single page.


      Check on your plants anytime and anywhere. With our camera module you are able to view the plant progress and see it grow :)


      Writing it down makes sense, especially if you have all of the conditions also shown. With our diary, you are able to keep track of your plants and finally see the mistakes you made and how you can avoid them in the future.

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      Why Does it Matter?

      Instead of testing out something that is not our profession, we have reached out for someone who does this all the time. We are bringing you a small overview of what goes inside our box.

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